The club organises many events throughout the year which member can participate in. These include:

  • Club fun fly events – Gives you a chance to show off your flying skills and even win prizes
  • Club Barbeque events – The very popular club barbeque events are organised from time to time and if the weather is good, it is a brilliant day out, remember to bring your family along!
  • Club bring and buy sales – From time to time the club organises bring and buy sales and invites other local clubs for a get together and gives you a chance to sell your unwanted gear or buy yourself a new model.
  • Club Social Nights – The club social nights are a frequent event at the club where members gather to have a drink and a chat.
  • Club Annual General Meeting – This is the clubs annual meeting where the committee invite all members to a special meeting where they present the clubs plans for the future and an overview of the past year.