Our senior joining fee is £25 (one off charge)
 Senior yearly membership £100
 Junior joining fee £12.50 (one off charge)
 Junior yearly membership £50
 Family membership (1 senior and maximum of 2 juniors up to 16yrs) £150 + £25
joining fee (one off charge)
In addition, like all clubs we require each pilot to hold a British Model Flying Association
(BMFA) membership (for insurance purposes) and that can be arranged through our club or directly through the BMFA if you choose.
Our club fees are set on a rolling basis so whenever you join you get a full 12 months
membership, also to spread the cost if you wish, you can pay the membership fee (excluding
the joining fee, BMFA & CAA charge) by 12x monthly instalments but there is a small extra
cost for administration if you wish to pay this way, please advise us if your wish to do this.
Also recently there has been a new test and fee introduced by the CAA which requires all
operators of UAV’s to take a test and pay a £9 fee. However, if you currently have a BMFA
achievement rating this fee is waived but you are STILL required to take the test and then
display your pilot operator ID number on all aircraft weighing over 250g – 20kg